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Cleaner Air and Safer Homes with UV Light Purification in Southampton

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Among the many ways to improve your home’s safety with minimal lifestyle changes, installing UV air purifiers supplies your house with cleaner, safer indoor air. Many homeowners throughout Southampton have taken advantage of UV light installation in their HVAC systems, enjoying better air quality, among other benefits. Our team at Lions Heating and Air Conditioning provides families with many HVAC services, including installing UV air purifiers in Southampton homes.
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UV Light Installation - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning
UV Light Air Purifier

What Is UV Light Air Purifier Installation in Southampton, PA?

Most homeowners believe that their air filters provide enough purification to keep their homes safe, but even the best filters won’t clean your air as thoroughly as a UV light. 

Our HVAC technicians install UV C light air purifiers in air duct returns, shining brightly on passing air as it transitions. When combined with your regular air filtration system, you’ll enjoy much cleaner air free of odors, bacteria, and other dangerous contaminants.

UV Light

Is UV Light Dangerous?

When someone mentions UV light, you may think of the sun and the hazards of soaking up too many rays. While the sun does produce UV C light, the cancer-causing, aging properties of too much sun come from UV A and UV B rays. UV C germicidal lamps can damage and eliminate harmful pathogens while safely passing over human skin.

Although safe, our technicians ensure that homeowners feel protected by placing UV lights in such a way that they don’t shine into the home. Hospitals and other healthcare providers have used UV lights in their ductwork for decades, showing an example of how effectively and efficiently UV lights can scrub the air. In addition to safely cleaning your air, UV light filtration systems release no ozone, making them safe for the environment.

Benefits of UV Light

Benefits of UV Light Installation in Southampton, PA

UV germicidal lamps use ultraviolet light to destroy a number of dangerous and irritating substances. While filters can catch pet hair and dust particles, UV lights take care of the invisible dangers to your home. You’ll enjoy many benefits when you install a UV light air purifying system, including:

Biological Growth Prevention

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Mold, mildew, and algae can build up in HVAC units and ductwork, exposing you and your family to harmful spores that may cause or worsen allergies and respiratory problems. UV light eliminates these spores, keeping them out of your home and, therefore, out of your lungs.

Bacteria Prevention

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While bacteria can enter your HVAC system in a number of ways, if you or a family member recently suffered an illness, UV filtration systems help prevent the sickness from spreading. When passing under UV light, the rays neutralize the pathogens to make them ineffective, keeping your home safe from infections or disease.

Odor Elimination

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Fungi and algae can cause foul odors to emanate from your air ducts. With a UV light in place killing mold and algae spores, you'll experience better-smelling air soon after installation.

Low Maintenance

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UV light purifiers require very little maintenance. At most, you'll need to check on and change out the bulb or have one of our experienced HVAC techs do that for you.
UV Light Installation

Breathe Easier With Professional UV Light Installation in Southampton

At Lions Heating and Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on providing families with safe and beneficial UV light installation. We also offer other reliable air purification systems to keep your home bacteria- and pathogen-free.

Our HVAC technicians can answer any questions you have regarding air purification and help you determine which filtration system works best for your home. If you’re ready to improve your indoor air quality and breathe easier, call Lions Heating and Air Conditioning in Southampton, PA, at (267) 282-1926.