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While refrigerant leaks make your home uncomfortable, they can also pose a danger to your household. That’s why you need refrigerant leak repair as soon as possible. As a resident of Southampton, PA, you can access prompt service from reputable HVAC technicians with LIONS Heating & Air Conditioning.

Refrigerant is the gaseous substance that helps your home maintain a comfortable temperature. Located within your system’s evaporator coils, this gas removes heat from the air passing over it. Sometimes, you end up with a refrigerant leak if you have damaged coils.

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Refrigerant Leak Repair

Our Solutions for Your Refrigerant Leak

Freon, a brand of refrigerant, plays a key role in keeping your home or business comfortable. When a Freon leak occurs, it requires prompt action from technicians who know how to handle the substance safely. At LIONS Heating & Air Conditioning, we approach an AC Freon leak in the following ways.

  • If you have a small leak, we’ll quickly patch it up.
  • Severely damaged evaporator coils may require replacement. Depending on your system, this can cost anywhere between $600 and $2000. If you want to replace the coil, we’ll proceed with the service.
  • Once we repair or replace the coils, we’ll top off the refrigerant and restart your system.
  • If you have an old HVAC system with recurring issues, we’ll suggest options for full system replacement.
AC Freon Leak

Do I Have an AC Freon Leak?

When homeowners have problems with their air conditioners, they often wonder how to identify the problem. Knowing leak indicators beforehand allows you to take quick action and schedule refrigerant leak repair as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for the following Freon leak symptoms:

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Your AC unit has trouble reaching the ideal temperature.

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The unit makes gurgling noises.

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Your electric bills spike.

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The coils have ice or condensation.

If you have frequent problems with your AC, you might need a new one. Request a free estimate from us.

Refrigerant Leak

Does Refrigerant Leak When the AC Is Off?

Our customers often ask, “Does refrigerant leak when the AC is off?” In some instances, refrigerants can leak after you turn the air conditioner off. So you should call us once you notice anything amiss with your HVAC system.

Refrigerants have toxic effects on a building’s occupants. Some symptoms of refrigerant exposure include headaches, respiratory irritation, nausea, dizziness, and irritated eyes and ears. If you notice any of these symptoms when your unit doesn’t function, leave the building immediately before contacting us for emergency services.

We also recommend that anyone exhibiting these symptoms seek medical attention.
AC Maintenance & Repair

AC Maintenance & Repair Services

Many homeowners don’t immediately recognize refrigerant leaks, as they have numerous potential causes, including:

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Severe weather

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Impact from debris

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Damaged or aged components

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Factory defects

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Incorrect installation

If you can’t identify the cause, you might not recognize when your AC system has issues, but you can avoid dangerous refrigerant leaks and other expensive HVAC issues with yearly maintenance and repair services. When qualified technicians visit your home, they’ll report any damaged parts or problems and help you make informed decisions. Set up an annual maintenance plan with LIONS Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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Speedy refrigerant leak repair can protect your wallet, comfort, and health. As Southampton, PA’s preferred refrigerant leak repair service, we stay committed to helping you achieve that protection. We make it our mission to serve our community with affordable service from reputable technicians.

If you suspect you have refrigerant leaks at home, call us at (267) 282-1926 for emergency service.

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