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Heating and air conditioning combat seasonal temperatures to sustain your comfort. Without functional HVAC systems, summer heat and winter frosts would significantly impact your indoor temperature. Protect against this discomfort by scheduling HVAC services in Langhorne, PA, to address problems with your heating and air conditioning systems.

AC Repair & Replacement

AC Repair in Langhorne, PA

Have you noticed that your home doesn’t quite reach your desired temperature or feels muggy? From mechanical issues to electrical problems, air conditioner disrepair could be transforming your home interior into a veritable swamp. Fortunately, repairs and cooling services from a qualified HVAC technician can restore your system, combating summer heat and avoiding increasingly expensive energy bills.

If you notice problems with your vents, outdoor unit, or other part of your system, get professionals on the case immediately. Experts from Lions Heating and Air Conditioning LLC can swiftly repair your system with our top-rate HVAC services in Langhorne, PA.

AC Replacement in Langhorne, PA

After functioning effectively for about 10 years, most air conditioning units start declining. At this point, vexations like frequent malfunctions, increasingly expensive repairs, lower energy efficiency, and higher energy bills can become commonplace. As a result, an air conditioning replacement holds far more value than attempting to squeeze a few extra years out of a failing system.

Air conditioning replacements can prove difficult. Thus, call qualified professionals if you notice signs of system decline, including:

  • Inconsistent cycling
  • Increasing repair needs
  • Declining energy efficiency
  • Higher energy bills
  • Power issues
  • Physical damage to the outdoor unit or condenser unit
  • Strange noises or odors during operation
Furnace Repair & Replacement

Furnace Repair in Langhorne, PA

Unfortunately, no home comfort systems are immune to issues. Gas, electric, and oil furnaces can all experience disrepair and operational issues.

Dirty vents, ignition problems, and inconsistent cycling can impede on effective heating within your home. During winter, furnace issues can leave your home feeling like a tundra.

If your heating systems take too long to heat your home or you notice rising energy bills, call HVAC professionals for furnace repair. At Lions Heating and Air Conditioning LLC, our experts perform high-quality heating services to repair any damage and optimize your furnace functioning. Call today to stay warm during the most frigid months of the year.

Furnace Replacement in Langhorne, PA

Furnaces usually operate effectively for about 10 to 12 years. Past this point, you might notice a steady decline in system functioning and increased energy bills. 

Rather than opting for expensive repairs or quick fixes, consider hiring professionals for a complete furnace replacement. These complex jobs require trained professionals with experience in both installation and repairs.

After replacing your furnace, you’ll immediately notice improvements to your indoor comfort. Call professionals for a replacement if you notice any of the following signs of furnace failure:

  • Complete shutdown
  • Strange noises during operation
  • Failure to heat the home
  • Constantly running
  • Gas smells
  • Ignition failure
Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

Heat Pump Repair in Langhorne, PA

Heat pumps provide two-way temperature control for rooms. Whether it’s pumping heat in during the winter or removing it from the air in summer, these HVAC systems remain a popular option for indoor temperature control. When your system falls into disrepair, though, your home comfort could vanish overnight.

Experts from Lions Heating and Air Conditioning LLC offer top-rated heat pump repair in Langhorne, PA. Our professionals can inspect your system, identify the issue, and perform an efficient repair to restore your interior temperature control. Keep your home comfortable with our HVAC services in Langhorne, PA.

Heat Pump Replacement in Langhorne, PA

A popular benefit of heat pumps is their longer lifespan. While these systems usually function for about 15 years without issue, older heat pumps could be past the point of no return.

In these cases, a complete replacement makes the most sense. Avoid increasingly expensive repairs, more frequent breakdowns, and higher energy expenses by calling professionals if you notice the signs of system failure. The main signs that you need a heat pump replacement include:

  • Significantly decreased home comfort
  • Rising energy costs
  • System takes a long time to reach your desired temperature
  • Consistent issues with either the heating or cooling function
  • Noisy operation
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