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Your home’s HVAC system is too important to leave to just any repair service. For first-rate HVAC services in Horsham, PA, that exceed your expectations, call the experienced crew from Lions Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re a locally owned and operated company that puts our customers’ needs first.

AC Repair & Replacement

AC Repair in Horsham, PA

When temperatures soar and the humidity is oppressive, the last thing you need is for the air conditioning to fail. But if you have problems with your cooling system, you never have to worry about waiting to get it fixed, thanks to Lions Heating and Air Conditioning. Our experienced HVAC technicians are available 24/7 to help residents of Horsham, PA, stay cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. 

The sooner you call us when the AC unit goes on the fritz, the more likely we’ll be able to repair it, as unaddressed small problems often turn into larger, more catastrophic ones. Call us for help whenever the unit doesn’t work as it should; for example, any time it makes unusual sounds, has strange odors, blows warm air, or doesn’t run consistently, a call to an HVAC contractor is in order.  Because we provide reliable HVAC services in Horsham, PA, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we can often be at your home on the same day you call. 

We also work hard to make air conditioning repairs affordable, providing a flat rate estimate without upselling or hidden charges. You can trust us for an honest assessment of your air conditioner issues; we’d be happy to answer all your questions. And because we back every repair with a labor warranty, you don’t have to worry about shoddy work or temporary solutions. 

AC Replacement in Horsham, PA

When repairing the AC unit isn’t feasible or cost-effective, Lions Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technicians can help you replace it with a brand-new, energy efficient one. Our commitment to integrity means that you can trust us for an honest assessment of your air conditioner; trust us to recommend when it’s time to replace it. Even when you take good care of the air conditioning equipment with regular maintenance, the average lifespan is only about 15 years, so when your cooling system starts to fail and uses more energy or requires frequent repairs, we’re here to help.

Lions Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help you at every step of the air conditioning replacement process and will put our experience and knowledge as the top-rated HVAC services in Horsham, PA, to work for you. We’ll help you select the right cooling system from a range of options, including traditional central air conditioning systems, ductless systems, heat pumps, or air handler systems. With our insights and flawless installation services, you will benefit from the increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills that come from upgraded equipment, no matter how warm it gets. 

Our priority is making every customer feel like our most important customer, and we work hard to make sure you feel comfortable with your replacement air conditioner by providing personalized, attentive service at every step.

Furnace Repair & Replacement

Furnace Repair in Horsham, PA

A broken furnace is more than just an inconvenience. Not having reliable heat during a Pennsylvania winter puts your family at risk, so it’s important to know who to call when you have heating system issues so you can get expert help fast. Residents of Horsham, PA, know to call Lions Heating and Air Conditioning for reliable HVAC repairs, day or night. No matter when something goes wrong, we’re standing by to diagnose your furnace problem and get the heat on again. Work with us and get your heater running again in no time.

As with other elements of the HVAC system, fixing furnace problems as soon as they show up is critical to preventing bigger and more expensive issues. Even if it’s just an unusual noise or the air doesn’t seem as warm as it should be, call us to investigate. We can address a wide range of heating issues, from faulty pilot lights to electrical issues, short-cycling, or uneven heat, and keep them from happening again.

For over 15 years, we have been the go-to source for HVAC services in Horsham, PA, with a five-star reputation for fast responses, unmatched work quality, and friendly, honest, and fair technicians. You can rest easy on even the coldest winter nights knowing that our repair skills are second to none, and you can trust the furnace to keep your home toasty warm. 

Furnace Replacement in Horsham, PA

An older furnace isn’t as energy-efficient as a newer model and has a higher risk of breaking down when you need it most. When your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan (usually around 15 years), or you’re having an increasing amount of trouble with it, talk to Lions Heating and Air Conditioning about replacing it with a new, energy-efficient model. Our expert technicians can help you determine the best option for your budget; we’ll make sure your unit can adequately heat your entire home and that the ductwork and electrical connections can support it. 

A brand-new furnace is a big investment, so if you’re debating whether now is the right time to replace your equipment, get in touch with Lions Heating and Air Conditioning for a complimentary inspection and evaluation. Our technicians will give you an honest assessment of your furnace, highlight any potential areas of concern, and estimate its remaining lifespan. Our commitment to our customers means you don’t need to worry about a hard sell, and we’ll even offer some tips to help keep the furnace working without problems. 

If you decide to replace the furnace, count on us for impeccable installation by experienced, licensed technicians. We take care of everything from start to finish, so you can relax knowing your home will stay warm without huge utility bills. 

Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

Heat Pump Repair in Horsham, PA

If you have a heat pump, you know it provides reliable, trouble-free, and energy-efficient heating and cooling. However, because heat pumps run all year to transfer heat in and out of your home, they must withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Although regular maintenance keeps heat pumps running consistently, if something goes wrong with your equipment Lions Heating and Air Conditioning is standing by to provide first-class repairs and service.

Like other elements of an HVAC system, problems with a heat pump often show up as strange noises or odors, inconsistent temperatures, increased power bills, tripping the circuit breaker, and cycling on and off frequently. Our trained technicians can quickly diagnose common heat pump issues and, in many cases, make repairs on the spot to get the equipment up and running again. We’ll give you a thorough explanation of the issue, how we plan to fix it, and an estimate of the cost so you won’t have any surprises.

Whether you’re using the heat pump for heating or cooling, you expect it to work when you need it to. Let the Lions Heating and Air Conditioning experts ensure that happens by calling on us to put our 15 years of experience to work to identify and fix your heat pump problems. We know how heat pumps work and how to solve almost every problem with them. 

Heat Pump Replacement in Horsham, PA

Lions Heating and Air Conditioning’s HVAC services in Horsham, PA, also include heat pump replacement and installation. Thanks to our unparalleled industry experience and reputation for integrity in everything we do, you can trust our recommendations for new HVAC equipment and the skills of our installation crew. Our commitment to outstanding service means we walk you through the entire process, offering guidance and insight to ensure you make the right choice for your budget and climate control needs.  

If you’re considering making the switch from a furnace to a heat pump, we make the process as stress-free as possible, starting with a complimentary consultation and estimate. We can help you select the right equipment and provide convenient, professional installation. We’ll show you how to use your new equipment and explain how to maintain it so it gives you many years of reliable heating and cooling. 

You also get peace of mind knowing that every heat pump Lions Heating and Air Conditioning installs comes backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your new system because of a problem with the equipment, we are on your side to take care of the problem immediately. We even have affordable financing options that let you install a heat pump and start enjoying lower utility bills now without breaking your budget.

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