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Fort Washington, PA, embodies a humid continental climate, with hot summers and snowy winters that cause temperatures to span from 26-degree January lows to 86-degree July highs. Whether you want to heat your haven or cool your corridors, trust Lions Heating & Air Conditioning for HVAC services in Fort Washington, PA.

AC Repair & Replacement

AC Repair in Fort Washington, PA

You’ll only realize you have a faulty air conditioning system when you turn it on and need it most. Rather than ignore symptoms, encouraging them to develop into larger concerns, like the unit blowing warm air or not turning on, alert yourself to the smaller signs. By calling HVAC contractors for any of the following issues, you’ll prevent higher and more frequent repair costs and unit replacements:

  • Water or refrigerant leaks
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Long or short cycling
  • Unusual noises like banging or buzzing
  • Strange, musty, skunky, or smoke-like smells
  • Higher energy bills 

AC Replacement in Fort Washington

Fort Washington’s cost of living ranks higher than the national average. Utility costs play a part in this with a 12% higher rate. Therefore, if your AC units have reached the end of their lifespans of ten to 15 years, becoming inefficient with lower cooling capacities, don’t hesitate to replace them. 

They’ll pull more energy from your utility grid, increasing your monthly bills and carbon footprint. So upgrade to a newer model with a high SEER rating of 14 or higher. You may also receive government incentives for these HVAC services in Fort Washington, PA, especially if you pair your new unit with a programmable or Smart thermostat. 

Furnace Repair & Replacement

Furnace Repair in Fort Washington

Like your air conditioner, your furnace requires regular maintenance services once to twice each year. Technicians adhere to a tuneup checklist, lubricating the fan and other moving parts, cleaning components, and tightening loose nuts and bolts. 

However, without these services, parts can become loose, causing grinding, whistling, or rumbling sounds. Also, certain factors, such as dirty air ducts and clogged filters, cause lower indoor air quality, just as clogged condensation tubing contributes to uncomfortably high humidity. Faulty parts also lead to a:

  • Continuously running heating system
  • Tripped or blown circuit breaker
  • Non-functioning blower fan
  • Uneven heating
  • Unlit pilot light 

Furnace Replacement in Fort Washington

While Fort Washington’s winter temperatures rarely dip to 12 degrees, freezing temperatures of under 32 are not uncommon in this small suburb. Since furnaces remain one of the best heating unit types for extreme temperatures, consider an oil, gas, or electric one. A NATE-certified contractor explains which best suits your budget and needs, so ask about types and brands before the new installation. 

These HVAC services in Fort Washington, PA, also include an expert noting your home’s square footage and all entry points. After finding your BTU rating and correct unit size, they’ll insulate your home, remove the old furnace, and install the new one. 

Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

Heat Pump Repair in Fort Washington

According to Payscale, the cost of living in Fort Washington comes in about 147% higher than the U.S. average, with the typical homeowner paying $197.86 on monthly electric bills. For those looking to save, heat pumps make a great heating and cooling alternative. However, functioning issues can cause them to have just as high an energy consumption rate as any other system. 

Anything, from a faulty thermostat or defective blower motor to a refrigerant leak, affects heat transfer. So whether you experience little to no relief or hear strange clicking or squealing sounds, trust HVAC technicians to analyze all parts and repair faults. 

Heat Pump Replacement in Fort Washington

A repair should remedy any issues you have with a heat pump. However, if you need two or more repairs to get you through the year, or any single repair cost is at least half the unit’s original installation cost, you’ll save in the long run with a replacement. As your unit ages, all internal components slowly and inevitably deteriorate, so rather than prolong the unavoidable, invest in a new one. 

Also, replace your HVAC system if:

  • A previous technician did not install your current unit correctly.
  • Your heat pump is too big or small, causing short or long cycling, respectively.
  • Poor or no maintenance causes low performance.
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