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Most homeowners don’t think about their HVAC system until it malfunctions. However, the moment functional heating and air conditioning go away, outdoor temperatures will determine your indoor comfort. Call qualified professionals for HVAC services in Bryn Athen, PA, when you notice issues to avoid this outcome.

AC Repair & Replacement

AC Repair in Bryn Athen, PA

During peak operation, air conditioners can experience frequent repair issues. Mechanical and electrical problems can ruin your chances of the comforting embrace of cool indoor air in the summer. If your air conditioner blows warm air, cycles inconsistently, or leaks, you may need to call HVAC experts for repairs.

AC repairs comprise anything from mechanical tune-ups to rewiring. Regardless, only qualified professionals have the necessary tools and experience for these jobs. Without an expert understanding of these systems, unqualified contractors could leave your AC in a worse state than before.

AC Replacement in Bryn Athen, PA

Certain HVAC damage requires a complete replacement. Knowing when to replace your old unit can actually save you money in the long run.

Depending on the age of your AC unit, system decline will cause costly issues. At this point, the price and frequency of repairs usually rise considerably. Thus, a replacement could prove more valuable than holding onto your current system.

Some of the main signs that you require an air conditioner replacement include:

  • Significantly decrease energy efficiency
  • More expensive repairs
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Frequent air conditioning failures
  • Strange noises and odors
  • Inability to power on

Only call top-rated professionals for your air conditioner replacement. Depending on the type of air conditioner, ductwork installation can impact the structure of your home. Thus, only qualified HVAC experts should do these jobs.

Furnace Repair & Replacement

Furnace Repair in Bryn Athen, PA

Bryn Athen winters bring frigid temperatures and extreme weather. When frosts and snow flourish outdoors, there’s nothing better than walking into a warm home. If your heater falls into disrepair, though, it can quickly render your interior as cold as outside.

Experts from Lions Heating and Air Conditioning LLC offer top-rated furnace repair in Bryn Athen, PA, for any system type. Our professionals inspect your furnace to identify the problem and perform efficient repairs. Get back the comforting feeling of warm interiors by enlisting our high-quality HVAC services in Bryn Athen, PA.

Furnace Replacement in Bryn Athen, PA

After about a decade of operation, your furnace may start to experience increasingly significant damage. As repairs increase in cost and intensity, you might need to start considering a furnace replacement.

Replacing your furnace offers many benefits. From increasing home energy efficiency to improving temperature control, professionals can inspect your current system and recommend a replacement.

Knowing the signs that you might need a furnace replacement can save time and avoid increasingly difficult repairs to a failing system. The top signs that you require a furnace replacement include:

  • The system is over 10 years old
  • Visible signs of damage like rusting and corrosion
  • Strange sounds and odors during operation
  • Uneven and inconsistent heating within your home
  • Humidity problems
  • Excessive dust, grime, and dirt in your vents
Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

Heat Pump Repair in Bryn Athen, PA

Heat pumps offer energy-efficient heating and cooling for Bryn Athen homes. If these systems experience disrepair, it can degrade your indoor comfort and increase your energy bills. 

If your heat pump cannot provide adequate heating or cycles inconsistently, call professionals for repairs. Experts from Lions Heating and Air Conditioning LLC can perform high-quality repairs on your heat pump to restore indoor heating and comfort.

Heat Pump Replacement in Bryn Athen, PA

Heat pumps usually have a longer lifespan than other heating and cooling systems. Nevertheless, they can fall into significant disrepair that impedes your comfort.

After a certain period, the costs of repairing your heat pump could surpass those of a complete system replacement. Furthermore, system replacements save money by improving energy efficiency.

Knowing the signs that you need a heat pump replacement avoids increasingly expensive repairs and decreased home comfort. The top signs you need a heat pump replacement include:

  • System over 15 years old
  • Inability to heat your home
  • Increasingly frequent and expensive repairs
  • Higher energy bills
  • Strange noises and odors during operation
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