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When temperatures drop in Pennsylvania, losing heat in your home becomes more than a comfort issue. It raises concerns for your safety and those around you.

Look to Lions Heating & Air Conditioning for no-hassle heating solutions in the Southampton, PA, area. We offer same-day furnace repair and heating system maintenance in residential and commercial properties. Contact our certified team for free estimates and five-star services available 24/7.

Furnace Repair by Lions Heating & Air in Southampton, PA

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Heater Repair in Southampton, PA
Heater Repair

Southampton, PA, Heater Repair

As a fully licensed heating and air conditioning service company, Lions Heating & Air Conditioning equips its team with the latest tools and industry knowledge to work with all furnace brands, makes, and models. Whether you have an electrical system or natural gas furnace, we bring you first-class workmanship to properly maintain and extend the life of your unit. We value our customers’ time and patience, treating every home with dedicated care while sparing no attention to detail.

When you call Lions Heating & Air Conditioning for heater repair services in Southampton, PA, you can always expect upfront pricing and transparent estimates for your maintenance costs. As local owners and operators, we appreciate every opportunity to give back to our community and strive to provide you with quick turnaround services at affordable rates.

Furnace Repair

Do I Need Heater Servicing?

Using a faulty heater can increase your energy bill and risk further damage to your unit. Lions Heating & Air Conditioning helps eliminate cold weather worries by ensuring the best possible care of your heater while saving you money. If you notice issues with your heating system, don’t hesitate to call us 24/7.

Whether you have an oil, electric, or gas-based system, likely signs that you need heater servicing include the following:

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Strange sounds or rumbling noises coming from your unit

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

The pilot light won’t turn on

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Uneven heat distribution inside your space

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

The system continually runs without cycling

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Your circuit breaker fuses have been tripped or blown

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Your heating system cycles on and off repeatedly

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

The blower fan does not stop running

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

You notice a spike in your utility bill

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

You have a furnace that is 10 years or older

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Your indoor air becomes humid, muggy, or uncomfortable

Remember that allowing your system to continue running under these conditions can cause further damage to your unit and possibly lead to more expensive repairs. For less problematic issues, you can consider the following troubleshooting tips that may offer a simple solution:

Check the Thermostat

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Confirm the heat setting of your thermostat and change the temperature as necessary.

Check Pilot Lights/Flash Codes

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Older gas furnace models have a pilot light that should remain lit. Call us for assistance if you notice your pilot light has gone out. For newer models, check the display for an existing flash code. Your heater’s panel provides a list of explanations for the corresponding code and may help you resolve the issue.

Check the Air Filter

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Clogged air filters present performance issues with your furnace. Remember to check air filters monthly. If you have a clogged or dirty air filter, change it as necessary.
Furnace Repair Near Me in Southampton, PA
furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Near Me

A reliable home heating system makes all the difference during those freezing winter months in Southampton, PA. Equip your household with quality furnace repair services you can depend on 24/7. Lions Heating & Air Conditioning is your go-to choice for furnace repair near me searches, ensuring your system functions at its best all year long. Say goodbye to worries about losing comfort in your home or commercial property.

Call our team of certified experts to ensure the best performance for your home heating system if:

  • Your furnace does not turn on
  • You notice strange smells from your furnace
  • Heating becomes inadequate
  • Indoor air quality changes
    You hear squealing or banging
  • Carbon monoxide levels increase

Don’t wait for furnace repair in Southampton, PA. If your system performs less than optimally or you notice any of the issues mentioned above, make an appointment with our service experts by calling (267) 282-1926.

Furnace Repair Experts

Emergency Furnace Repair Experts

Known in the Southampton, PA, area for our exceptional workmanship and five-star services, we often receive questions regarding our heating repairs. Learn more about our professional solutions by visiting us online, where you can also schedule same-day furnace repair available 24/7. We’ve also provided a list of FAQs regarding heating repair below to help you stay informed about your home heating system.
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Regarding Heating Repair

While proper maintenance helps extend the life of your unit, frequent repairs on an aging furnace cost you more money in the long run. As your furnace ages, it loses its efficiency, parts wear down and break, and the cost of repairs and replacement can quickly outweigh the price of a new installation. The most common signs that your furnace might need a replacement include the following:

  • A furnace 10 years or older
  • An increase in utility bills
  • Frequently required repairs

If you’d like to know whether or not to replace your old furnace, let us know at Lions Heating & Air Conditioning, and we’ll gladly perform an assessment.

Depending on the type of furnace you have, some models can last as long as 40 years. Most furnaces have a shelf life of 15-30 years, depending on the level of care and maintenance provided. If you have a furnace that is more than 10 years old and notice a general lack of performance, you might consider replacing it to save money in the long term.

Lowering your energy bill requires routine furnace maintenance. By keeping your furnace running in optimal condition, you can improve its efficiency and catch small problems before they have a chance to escalate. You can also adopt a smart thermostat for a greater range of controls and features to maximize your unit’s performance and overall usage.

We understand the importance of choosing the right furnace to suit your needs. As a major long-term investment, it requires a professional service like Lions Heating & Air Conditioning to help you decide. We gladly help you determine the right furnace based on your input and provide installations for Southampton, PA, residents with the necessary estimates and measurements beforehand.

Heater Services Near Me in Southampton, PA
Furnace & Heating Services

Furnace Repair and Quality Heating Services near Me

A 5-star furnace repair and heating services company, Lions Heating & Air Conditioning, is committed to providing your home in the Southampton, PA area with top-quality services. With 15 years of certified experience, our dedicated team ensures that home and commercial property owners enjoy the indoor comfort they deserve. Whether you require hassle-free repairs or top-notch maintenance, we strive to be the go-to heating services near me, keeping customers returning to the experts they can trust.

We offer all of our customers the following benefits:

  • 10-year manufacturer warranties
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Customized pricing and special financing
  • Free estimates and same-day service

Let our five-star team help you get the most out of your heating system. For the #1 affordable furnace repair and heating services near me available in Southampton, PA, 24/7, call Lions Heating & Air Conditioning at (267) 282-1926 today!