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To weather Pennsylvania’s cold winters, you need a robust heating system. If your boiler goes out, you need a reliable boiler repair company on call as soon as possible. Fast and effective repair service protects you, your family, and your home from the dangerous effects of a freezing Southampton winter.

At Lions Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide same-day and emergency services so that you never have to wait days to restore the heat!
If you need boiler repair done right, call our boiler experts at Lions Heating & Air Conditioning at (267) 282-1926.

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When to Call for Professional Southampton Boiler Repair

Boilers use an energy source like electricity, gas, or oil to heat water and spread steam throughout pipes in your home to provide radiant heating. When a boiler fails to heat, you need to seek immediate repairs since the water in the boiler could freeze in severely cold temperatures, creating an entirely new problem. A frozen boiler puts you at risk of worsened boiler damage, and if the frozen water inside causes a crack in the boiler, the water will leak as it warms back up.

You may notice some symptoms that indicate a boiler problem before you realize it, including:

If your gas boiler kicks on and you smell the distinct odor of rotten eggs, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your boiler.
  2. Shut off your gas main.
  3. Refrain from using any other gas appliance in the house.
  4. Contact Lions Heating & Air Conditioning for emergency boiler repair service.

The smell could indicate a gas leak somewhere around your boiler. Keep your family and home safe by repairing a leaking boiler gas line as soon as possible.

Boilers should provide strong, even heating across your entire home. If you notice a change in how well your boiler puts out heat or feel cold spots throughout your house, call us for boiler heater repair.

Most boiler systems make a little noise while they work, but you may need to find “boiler repair near me” if you hear strange sounds like:

  • Wheezing
  • Whistling
  • Clanging
  • Gurgling
  • Banging

Loose or damaged boiler parts may need repairs to stop these sounds from continuing or worsening.

Regardless of what kind of boiler you have, the system should use a fairly consistent amount of energy. If you see a huge spike in your energy consumption, Lions Heating & Air Conditioning can help you figure out whether the spike came from your boiler and why.

Water leaks typically occur so slowly that you don’t notice them at first. You can catch a leak before it worsens by checking around your boiler for signs of water damage, like wall or floor stains and mold or mildew. Our boiler repair specialists can find the leak and repair it, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in water damage repair bills.

How Boiler Repair Works with Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

When you need a boiler repaired in your Southampton home, our team at Lions Heating & Air Conditioning brings you years of experience in troubleshooting and repairing boiler systems. Our boiler technicians make troubleshooting your boiler problem and repairing it their first priority. Certain problems, such as gas or water leaks, may require you to lose access to your gas or water while waiting for repairs, so we aim to make your home comfortable as soon as we arrive. We can repair many different issues, including:

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Repairing cracks or leaks in the tank or pipes

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Sealing or replacing external pipes

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Replacing boiler tubes

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Repairing or replacing feedwater and condensate pumps

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Cleaning boilers, burners, and igniters

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Checking all electrical and gas components

Accept - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Ensuring the good condition of all seals, electrodes, and safety devices

Our boiler repair specialist may also have recommendations to help you maintain your repaired boiler. Boilers need regular maintenance and cleaning checks from professionals to keep you from dealing with unexpected boiler repair costs. With our experienced boiler technicians at Lions Heating & Air Conditioning, you can keep your Southampton home safe and warm through routine boiler system cleanings.

A well-maintained boiler uses less energy, performs better, and lasts longer than boilers left unattended. With our maintenance and cleanings, you can relax in a warm, comfortable home without worrying about boiler problems or repairs.

Boiler Repair Service - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

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Your boiler keeps your home toasty warm to create a comfortable interior environment in Southampton’s coldest winters. When you need boiler repairs, you need them performed quickly and efficiently so you and your family can stay warm. If you need boiler repairs in Southampton, PA, call (267) 282-1926 to schedule an appointment with a professional boiler repair technician from Lions Heating & Air Conditioning.