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Every homeowner needs a reliable HVAC and AC coil cleaning company that can perform AC repairs and maintenance in times of need. Lions Heating and Air Conditioning is the premier Southampton, PA, provider for AC coil cleaning, general HVAC maintenance, and solutions to ensure safe and comfortable conditions for all homeowners.

The Purpose of the AC Coil

AC coils perform one main function: They compress Freon or refrigerant so it can adequately cool down the air. Every unit has multiple AC coils, and each works with tubes of refrigerant that absorb heat from the outside air so that the AC unit’s blower fan can blow cool air throughout the home.

The AC coil forms a major part of your air conditioner, so if yours malfunctions, it’s time to hire an AC coil cleaning company that fixes the problem quickly.

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AC Coil Cleaning Service

Why Do AC Coils Require Cleaning?

The AC coil continuously works when homeowners run their air conditioning, and it withstands plenty of seasonal temperature changes. During this time, the AC evaporator coil may experience ice buildup, preventing it from working correctly.

In addition to ice buildup, AC coils can experience excess debris, which requires a brief dusting for removal. If this debris or ice stays on top of your coils, the dirt and ice block the airflow from entering and exiting the unit appropriately.

Signs You Require AC Coil Cleaning

Plenty of signs indicate that you may need professional cleaning from an AC coil cleaning company, like Lions Heating and Air Conditioning. Let’s review a few signs to look out for when observing your AC unit.

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AC unit pushing warm air throughout vents

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Rising utility bills

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AC runs for longer than usual

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Excessive moisture near the outside unit

Any of these signs are important indicators that you should have Lions Heating and Air Conditioning complete AC coil cleaning services.

Dangers of Dirty AC Coils

If you let dirt and other debris continue to build up on your AC coils, then you put your entire air conditioning unit at risk for further damage. Since a dirty AC coil can’t effectively cool off air, your system runs harder and longer. This can lead to unintentional wear and tear on your air conditioner, potentially resulting in a shorter lifespan.

In addition to decreasing the lifespan of your AC unit, frozen coils can cause the entire unit to stop working, preventing any cold air on days when you need air conditioning.

Most of the time, cleaning the coils is the best choice, but sometimes AC coils require complete replacement. In general, experts recommend AC coil replacement every 10-15 years. The only way to know what your unit needs is by hiring a professional team to complete a thorough inspection.

Advantages of AC Coil Cleaning Services

Opting for professional AC coil cleaning services guarantees your AC unit’s coils stay clean. However, you will receive plenty of other clear benefits when getting professional AC cleaning services from Lions Heating & Air Conditioning. Continue reading for some noteworthy advantages.

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Improved indoor air quality

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More efficient system that cools faster

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Spend less on utility bills

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Less stress on your AC system

AC Coil Cleaning - Lions Heating & Air Conditioning

Professional Coil Cleaning in Southampton, PA

At Lions Heating and Air Conditioning, we guarantee high-end services at affordable rates for every Southampton, PA, resident, so you have reliable AC all season long.

Stop searching for an AC coil cleaning company near me, and trust the experts who provide your AC coil cleaning services and comprehensive HVAC maintenance.

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